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We invest in the building blocks of automated systems — starting with the very first check.

by Conner Brophy

Complex systems are best explained with apt analogies. No matter how complicated or unfamiliar a concept is, it will contain parallels to something more readily understood — data technology, our focus at Story Ventures, is no exception. After joining the team here, my fascination with the category evolved from one of opacity to one of understanding. By viewing the modern data stack in a more familiar, analogous context, I began to make sense of its complexities.

The modern data stack — the hardware and software involved in data creation, organization, and analysis — is seen as a…

On the heels of the story behind Story, we are excited to share our first of the Why We Invested series, announcing our investment in Motorq, a data management platform for connected vehicles.

Like many Story investments, Motorq sits in the middle of the data stack, serving as the intermediary between a massive, unorganized pool of vehicle data, and customers who find significant value in this data. In this case, Motorq deals with connected vehicle data that is collected in real time by car manufacturers (“OEMs”), and demanded by customers seeking better insight into their operations.

Until recently, connected vehicle…

After four and a half years of investing in world class founders, we’re excited to share our first Story blog post. It’s amazing to think that we started writing this in 2016, at a time when we anticipated blogging would be a big part of our strategy. Yet half a decade and a few gray hairs later, it’s just now that we find ourselves ready to hit publish. Talk about a testament to the challenges of prioritizing at an early stage company. Well, four and a half years later, here we go.

Team hike & laughter in Cold Spring, NY ❤

We launched Story Ventures in 2016 to…

Story Ventures

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