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Team hike & laughter in Cold Spring, NY ❤
  • True Footage, a three-dimensional mapping company leveraging the ubiquity of LiDAR to extract floor plans from videos for residential appraisals.
  • Phood, a food waste management company that utilizes computer vision to track and optimize end-of-day waste for food services companies.
  • Particle Health, an electronic medical record aggregator that provides digital health companies with low cost, secure access to patient electronic medical records.
  • Motorq, a connected vehicle data platform that enables automotive manufacturers and enterprises to properly store, manage, and access vehicle data.
  • Aware, a network of therapists who use treatment based on first-party patient data to deliver personalized mental healthcare.
  • Livez, an automated preventative medicine platform that codifies CDC guidelines to turn EMR data into preventative recommendations.
  • Zaya, an insurance-enablement platform to help maternity specialists become in-network providers.
  • Aether Biomedical, a bionic limb company that leverages bio-signal processing to automate EMG-to-prosthetic body movement.



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Story Ventures

Story Ventures

We invest in the building blocks of automated systems — starting with the very first check.